Why Post Sales Customer Care Is Important Than Pre Sales

After sales, service is the process that follows. Once a customer makes any purchase, and the company provides right kind of support which makes sure that all customers are highly satisfied with the product or the services of the organization. After sales services play a major role in customer satisfaction, once you interact with your customer after they made a purchase that makes them believe in your product or service. When any organization goes for after sale service that helps them to retain customer makes sure products and services are meeting the expectations of the customers which is crucial. Pre-sales customer care and post-sale customer care both are necessary but when a customer buys any product they expect right support from the organization and when you want to do long run post-sales customer care plays a pivotal role.

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Importance Of Post Sales Service Than Pre-Sales:

  • When a customer is buying any product they know the brand well, and that’s the reason why they are believing in that brand and making a purchase, but once they bought the product and expectations are not matched then that makes a gap, and it’s crucial to fulfilling the gap. That is why every organization should help their customer providing support once they make a purchase.
  • Presales customer service is required to assist the customer while choosing the product. But post sales it’s crucial to make your customer believe in your brand, and if they are happy, then it will help you to get them associated with longer time duration.
  • After sale includes various activities and it helps to find our whether the customer is satisfied or dissatisfied. If the customer is unhappy it becomes very important to find out the reason of the client’s dissatisfaction and working towards it.
  • After sales services give the customer all necessary support and also helps them to install, operate and maintain any particular product. If you are just selling any product and customer are not aware how to use the product, then it becomes very difficult for the customer to utilize the product that’s why it becomes important to send an onsite representative who can solve all technical problems.
  • Any customer found the product is broken or damaged then that product should be exchanged instantly with the help of sales professional.
  • It’s crucial to take feedback from the customers about the product or service. Feedback always helps the organization to know their customers in a better way and also they can make the necessary changes if needed to make their customer more satisfied.

For every organization post, sales service should be an integral part of the sales strategy. Effective post Sales service can be the excellent help which will you’re your organization to gain market share reduces the customer attrition and increases the customer retention. If the customer is not happy with the service or product, then chances of repeat purchase reduce. When any organization provides prompt after sales service that increases the product purchase for the long run.